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Monday, 13 January 2014

Bloglovin Newbie

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Hi to anyone who does read these, or accidentally stumbles across them. I've made a Bloglovin account and hope to gather some friends that way. I've already noticed a few blogs I adore so hopefully, when I finally have more than one post, people will be interested in what I have to say! X

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Winter Essentials

For my first post I decided to review and discuss some products that have been pretty much essential for me from November 2013 right up until now.

Winter brings with it cool winds, dry skin and freezing body parts, at least in the UK. This usually requires a change up of skincare routines, makeup choices and even comforts (for example I have at lease one hot chocolate a week). 

Firstly, MAKEUP: 

I tend to stick to the same products all year round, however I've made a few discoveries this winter.
  • Benefit - They're Real Mascara - BlackMy eyelashes are really stumpy usually, and I mean to the to point that I'm asked if I'm wearing any. The answer is always a disappointed but not with this! I find the product to be very light wearing and lengthening, I have a tendency to get watery eyes in the winter, resulting in running mascara, however this has yet to happen with this and I wear it almost every day. It's a little pricey, as are all Benefit products, but I swear it is worth the money. Buy it here x
  • Benefit - Rockateur Blush. Not only is the packaging really pretty, the blush itself is too. The product is extremely good for gradually building, for a day at school/college/work one sweep across the apples of your cheeks would be enough for a natural glow yet you could easily create a more glamorous look for a special occasion with a few more. When being sold this, I was told that the blush also has a bronzing effect which, being someone with pale skin, was good to know. Buy it here x
  • Benefit - Boi-ing Concealer. Benefit has sooo many concealers to choose from, and I haven't really tried very many. For Christmas this year I received a kit containing this product in the colours 01 (light) and 03 (light/medium). This product is so light on the skin, yet hides all of the little spots I manage to accumulate over winter well. The addition of two colours allows you to mix to create the perfect shade. Buy the kit here and buy the concealer here x
  • Chanel Rouge Allure - Passion. Another gift I received and I cannot stress my love for it enough. It's application is so smooth and silky, the red I chose is, in my opinion,  a true red. I've worn it only several times and received more compliments on my lips than I ever have done. The website claims intense shades and it couldn't be truer, it also lasts so long! Buy it here x
  • Vichy - Dermablend Corrective Fluid - 25/ Nude. Vichy is a company that specialises in dermatology skincare, meaning getting rid of spots, keeping your skin smooth etc. So, logically, their foundation would be great on the skin... And it is! No, it doesn't rid imperfections but what foundation does? What can be said about this product is a little does a HUGE amount. I bought this in September and still haven't ran out (!) it's very light and matte, with no drying or clogging of pores. Great coverage and the best thing? Extremely affordable. Buy it here x

It isn't just my face that dries up in winter, it's my whole body, these are a few of the essentials I need to get by almost daily...
  • Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturiser - This is a really affordable product that makes the skin feel so soft without a greasy feeling. One of my pet peeves is waiting around for moisturiser to soak in, but this absorbs pretty much straight away. The smell reminds me of sunny holidays instantly. The cream isn't a miracle worker but I've noticed a difference with a few marks on my skin after using it every day. Buy it here x
  • Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild + Clarifying Lotion - The soap is very light and soft, it also doesn't hurt that much when I inevitbly get it in my eyes. It removes most of my makeup with one application and I've seen an improvement in facial spots and blemishes within around 4 days of use. The Clarifying Lotion, or toner, certainly feels like it's working, there is a tingling sensation felt when I put it on. It seems to have smoothed my skin, however there is a very strong smell of nail polish remover that comes from this product which is a bit too potent for some, my mum hates the smell! Buy the soap and buy the toner x
  • Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask - I use this product every winter, morning and night, and it sorts my skin right out. It smells so good too, like summer which is great when you're missing it. Avocado is supposed to be really beneficial for the skin, and as a staple skincare product, I'd say it does wonders. It works great as a wash but as a mask I'd say it's a bit too watery, I prefer solid masks, like the ones from Lush, this one doesn't harden. Buy it here x
  • Bodyshop - Cranberry Joy Body Butter - I used this product all the way through December and loved it. I still do! I tend to use it before a party as it has that gorgeous, fragrant smell of winter. It's nourishing and creamy. Sadly, it is only a seasonal product so it will be gone soon! :( But you can get it now in the sale here! x
Finally, my most important winter essential... 

Curled up in bed, watching Netflix and eating sticky toffee pudding and ice cream, which is exactly what I plan to do after I publish this post. 

Happy Winter x